Maltman Injured 1931


We forget the hazards involved with producing whisky and its stories such as this one from the Aberdeen Press and Journal on 2nd April 1931, which underline the dangers.

Compared to the nearby, Glen Mhor distillery, Glen Albyn seemed to live a relatively quiet existence under the ownership of Mackinlay & Birnie. Its main purpose was not single malt, but rather blending stock and for that reason, it seemed to lack propulsion into the spotlight. A thorough sweep of historical newspapers reveals very little of Glen Albyn, with only events such as these deemed newsworthy.

Still, it does confirm a night-time malting team were on site to ensure the malt was available for production needs at the distillery - and likely across the road at Glen Mhor, who could never supply enough for their own requirements. Kenneth Mackenzie, who lived on site (another detail we enjoy), slipped on the stairs heading into the malt room. Very few photographs of Glen Albyn internally exist. However, we do have some to show you in due course and these do underline the pitfalls (or just falls) of the still room and how easy it may have been to stumble and fall.


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