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Lord Woolton Glad Aberdeen Press & Journal 23 June 1943

  The war years at most distilleries are shrouded in mystery, we know from our Glen Mhor research project more detail than ever before. As the distillery Custom & Excise logbooks were merged during the war, the log has given us a unique insight. It seems through reading the log, Gilbert W. Peterkin, who was the Glen Mhor officer became responsible for both sites. Perhaps a reflection of cost cutting and limited manpower, there's also the realisation that mothballed sites don't need as much monitoring as they did previously. And with both distilleries only separated by a road, covering both sites was much more straightforward than other distilleries. Rather than maintaining two separate logbooks, these were merged, so in researching Glen Mhor, a large proportion of his entries relate to Glen Albyn. We know that Glen Albyn was utilised by the NAFFI during the war years, the army were also only site, but these activities were mostly kept out of the news, including our prior

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