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Glen Albyn Stillman Calum Munro

  Researching a lost distillery can be a fascinating and rewarding experience, particularly when identifying workers in images and discussing their history with surviving relatives. These moments are unexpected, as much has been lost to history, but it is remarkable what we can unearth even today. In a previous post , an image from the 'Old Inverness In Pictures' publication from the late 1970s was discussed. Recently, while querying a Glen Mhor staff image from the 1930s, I had a delightful conversation with Marcelle Ross regarding her father, Calum Munro, stillman and the distillery worker in the above photograph. Marcelle recalled her father's reaction when he found this snapshot,  'my dad was so chuffed when he found the book',  and her own memories of visiting Glen Albyn,  'I loved being there with my dad, the copper stills were always gleaming.' I do have some photographs of the still area to work on for the site, the stills are rarely seen. Also, quit

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