Where Finest Scotch is Made - Glen Albyn


A rare peak into Glen Albyn distillery, thanks to a promotional article in the Saffron Walden Weekly Newspaper, published on 25th February 1966.

The article talks about the virtues and qualities of Scotch whisky, with the emphasis on how local farmers are contributing to this fine product - it started off in East Anglia as grain; not it is back as fine Scotch whisky.

The link gives us insight into Glen Albyn's barley sources, as we know Glen Mhor used a variety of local and most distant farmers since its inception in 1894. Therefore, given the same ownership from 1920 onwards for both distilleries, it seems more then likely Glen Albyn and Glen Mhor utilised the same grain sources. 

The text for the above image reads as - No.1 still at Mackinlay and Birnie's Glenalbyn Distillery, Inverness, where they use grain from the Cambridge area.

We are also fortunate to have an additional image of the mash tun at Glen Albyn, which will help us identify some of the images from Rodney Burtt's archive that has been a wonderful resource as part of the Glen Mhor research


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