18th February 1944 World War 2 Damage


Our sister site that deals with Glen Mhor distillery has uncovered an entry in its Customs & Excise logbook relating to Glen Albyn. It seems during the war years, only one Customs & Excise representative was stationed across both distilleries - prior to this they would have had their own specific exciseman. 

This explains why entries for Glen Albyn are now showing up in the Glen Mhor log, as effectively, the Albyn logbook ended in 1939 as a single entity. 

The log records damage inflicted to warehouse #3 on the above date by some unfortunate army driving. The repair was made and logged, never to be noted until now. This is likely to be the only war related damage experienced by either distillery and it was from the Allied side!

The full entry is as follows:


A mechanical unit of the Army, billeted at Glen Albyn Distillery, Inverness, left early in the week. One of the motor lorries reversing accidently dented the frame work of the door of No.3 D.E.? warehouse there.

Repairs have been completed.

The dent is now covered externally and internally, by two still plates 1/4" thick, securely bolted together by 8 cup headed 5/16 screw bolts, 3" long, and riveted over nuts on the inside.

The external plate measures 32" x 6" and the internal plate 32" x 4".

I am satisfied that the door has been restored to its wanted security.


G.W. Peterkin, officer

The Collector, Inverness.

Margin entry:

10/3/44 - approved as a minor repair. E.W.H. Collector'


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