Glen Albyn fire 1942


Apologies for the lack of updates on the site recently, the Glen Mhor work has been quite full on and rewarding. Plus, it does have benefits for this Glen Albyn site as you'll see here. 

Working through the Customs & Excise logbook for Glen Mhor has revealed a couple of entries regarding Glen Albyn. The first of these comes from the 26th June 1942, and highlights the exciseman at Glen Mhor, Gilbert W. Peterkin, being summoned across the road to help prevent a fire from spreading.

This is a previously undocumented fire from what I can see, perhaps kept quite as it was during the war years to limit any exposure regarding the usage of the distillery site. Fortunately, the fire seems limited to warehouse 5 and was caught just in the nick of time, as you can read over at the Glen Mhor website

There are other entries relating to Glen Albyn that are incoming, and these will add more insight into the history of the distillery very soon.


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