Glen Albyn Distillery World War 2 Closure


A remarkable find via our sister Glen Mhor research project, gives us the date when Glen Albyn distillery was finally mothballed due to the World War 2 restrictions around distilling.

This Customs & Excise entry suggests that the last day of distilling activity was the 19th February 1943. A Friday, and when the distillery fell silent, like so many across Scotland.

Fortunately, the nearby Glen Mhor distillery continued for a little while longer and arguably the most amazing thing about this logbook entry is that it confirms the remaining feints from Glen Albyn were casked and rolled over the Glen Mhor, where they were deposited into its feints receiver. Thereby creating a new style of Invernessian whisky.

It all makes sense as Customs & Excise would have wanted Glen Albyn to be mothballed and devoid of any potential spirit outside of those casks resting in the warehouse. Shutting up shop and using excess materials in Glen Mhor, while not common practice or potentially legal, made sense during these rather unusual times. And as its all recorded officially, it wasn't done off the books or without permission.

You can read the full entry over at our Glen Mhor website and see how this all fits into our Glen Albyn timeline as it takes shape.


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