Glen Albyn Distillery Sale 1857


This report comes form the Inverness Advertiser and Ross-shire Chronicle and was published on Tuesday 15 September 1857. 

Our Timeline shows that the owner of Glen Albyn, James Sutherland, fell on hard times in 1855 and his assets were seized. The public sale in 1857 marks the breaking up of Glen Albyn as it was at the time. The distillery equipment would have been in good shape, as the original fire in 1849 destroyed the main production building. Meaning, that all the machinery would have been purchased between 1850-1852; in good working order to a prospective new distillery owner elsewhere, or even someone looking to buy the site and everything else.

Further research should hopefully confirm the outcome of the sale, but at least this article gives us some idea of the 2nd generation of Glen Albyn equipment. Whether the sale was successful, or who the winners were, remains to be seen as the research continues.


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