Glen Albyn Kiln pre-1950

Here's another find from the Old Inverness In Pictures publication from the late 1970s. The photograph was provided by Mackinlay & Birnie, with the following caption:

'Firing the kilns at the Glen Albyn Distillery with peat and coke before 1950.'

You can see the peat on the right hand side, all set for the kiln, which already seems to have some coal burning. 

What's interesting about this, other than the image giving us insight into a working kiln at the distillery, is the suggestion that the use of peat ended by 1950. We know from our Timeline so far, that coal use came to an end in 1963 at the distillery when the firing of the stills moved to steam heating. The above kiln seems to be more for floor malting, which suggests the method of drying the barley changed by 1950. Did Glen Albyn switch to coal only around this time?

It seems likely, as the image coming from the distillery owners would have been correct alongside the caption. Further research will hopefully shed more light on this find.


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